Hypo, Hunger and Frustration

So this morning was my second blood test. Last week my numbers were too low, not high enough to appear on the scan, and so everything had to be pushed back a week which blows, I hate waiting, particularly for this stuff. So my numbers. I don’t fully understand what all of it means. I imagine I will likely be an expert by the time this is all done but right now it’s kind of confusing. I have a friend who was born without a thyroid gland, I consider her to be a super expert on the subject and sometime when I don’t feel like a brainless hypo zombie I will probably have her explain it to me in more depth. So I am definitely feeling hypo. That blows. I imagine that everyone’s symptoms are a little different but mostly I am frequently cold, which is an odd feeling as I am usually a person who runs warm. I am exhausted, super fun when coupled with my normal crappy ability to sleep. I feel foggy and out of it like my brain isn’t clicking along like usual. The last couple of days I have been feeling sore and my body feels sluggish like it’s not doing what I want at the rate at which I am asking it to do it. This is not a good feeling especially at work where I have to go fast and the last few days we’ve been short handed so I need to go faster. And to enter the TMI zone (if you don’t want to know stop reading now) I’m slightly constipated. Not a normal thing for me at all. Ugh. And to top it all off I am irritated and anxious and HUNGRY!!!

Oh low iodine diet, how I hate you, let me count the ways. So we started our diet on Monday. I am saying we because my lovely wife, by her own choice has decided to do the diet with me which mostly makes sense because let’s not prepare two different meals. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. After working for 8 hours I didn’t want to prepare anything much less a meal from scratch but I did it. It was tasty, pasta with homemade red sauce. But no bread. 😦 and no cheese 😦 and no chocolate for dessert. 😦 I hate this soooo much. Particularly for the no dairy. I’m not a big milk drinker we usually have almond milk but even that we’ve had to switch because it has sea salt in it which I cannot have. Ughhhhh. Do you have any idea how many fucking things have sea salt in them? Sooo many things. And cheese. I love cheese. I am currently cooking potatoes to be turned into a scramble with egg whites and green peppers. You know what would make it better? Cheese! I feel like my coworkers are trying to be supportive of my diet when they tell me that my lunch looks good but I also feel they are full of it. That’s right, you tell me my apples on rice cakes looks good while you eat that slice of pizza, you fucker. Sorry. I’m hungry. I know that this is just the first week and that the diet will get easier and us more prepared as time goes on but I’m so frustrated!! If I hadn’t been called into work so much this weekend I wanted to make some stuff ahead of time to make this easier but that didn’t end up happening. Pause. I have now eaten. Feeling a little more with it. Sort of. I’m reaching a point where I’m so tired not much makes sense. I could rant for a long time. The only other thing that I wanted to talk about is endless drs voicemails. So blood work today and then I got a voicemail from my endocrinologist’s office. It’s super long and was left while I was working. I really hate that. Because I really need to ask questions and I’d like to talk to them but it sucks. I don’t have time to call back. I need to be able to wrap my head around everything that is going on and it just makes it hard when I work the same hours as the drs. 


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