Today just keeps on sucking….

Today has been really rough.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a great day to start with but it just keeps sucking. Yesterday I was home sick from work. I’m not sure if I’m just super hypo or sick or both. The actual flu and some nasty upper respiratory stuff is going around. So it’s hard to say. But I forgot my father was going to have knee surgery. Not that I can go visit if I’m sick but I feel like a failure as a kid cause I forgot. Might have something to do with why my sister was trying to get a hold of me last night but she didn’t tell me. And my mom slipped and fell and pulled her hamstring so she couldn’t be at the hospital with my father. And the drs changed stuff up on me again. So yesterday I got a call saying that the nuc med doctor decided to accept my numbers as they were rather than make me continue to wait or go for another blood test. So they moved quickly and wanted me to come in today to take the tracer dose and Friday come in for the scan. I said yes because they don’t really give you a lot of choice. So in this morning to the nuc med dept. Passed a room where I’m pretty sure I had an x ray done when I broke my ankle. Down a long depressing looking hallway to sign in and wait. It wasn’t long. They came and took me back and I had to sit in then kind of weird wide armed chair that they normally use for blood draws. Signed the paperwork to confirm that no, I am not pregnant and away we go. 

It doesn’t seem that imposing until you realize that in that container the height of a juice glass and the thickness of a softball is just a small glass vial the size of an insulin vial with one small gray capsule in it. Me and the capsule and a dixie cup full of water and it’s down the hatch. After that I had planned to go to work for a normal day but the tech who gave me the pill says “ok treat it like you have the flu today” Wait what? In my profession and most medical professionals having the flu is a big deal. You stay away from people, drink lots of fluids, can’t work with the public, etc. If I am radioactive there is no minium safe distance at work. We are in too tight of a space. I had checked with them repeatedly that I could work while I had the tracer dose for the scan and they said no problem and now this. Most of the people i work with are not of child bearing age but there are some younger girls later in the day. So i talked to my boss and he said no, if you have the “flu” you go home. So a lost day of work. I called the woman I had spoken with before and she said that it was a miscommunication and that what they mean by treat it like the flu is to have good hand hygiene. Wtf? That is not the same thing at all. I’m so frustrated. Like it’s my fault. Tell your tech to keep his mouth shut if he’s going to cause me a lost days pay. 

So I go home. I’ll work on some work paperwork and stuff since I can’t be there. Oh nope. In the grandness of this day my work laptop won’t charge. I think the charger is bunk, we don’t have another that will fit to reassure me of course. So get the old one all booted up and finally going and start to fill things out, nope. Have to stop. Have to wait 1-3 days for them to verify I’m who i am. Oh and in the middle of all this fun i managed to spill the glass of water that I need to be drinking tonight to remove the radiation all over my phone and 3ds and some important papers too. And then someone from the other Drs office makes my wife cry.  And all I want is pizza to make me feel better and I can’t have it. And so today has been pretty shit. I’m considering bed already and just hitting reboot and saying forget it. My wife made tasty food but sadly the day has just moved too far into the crap season to be saved by dinner. I think I’m just calling today a wash.